Sv Agreement Worksheet Pdf

SV Agreement Worksheet PDF: A Vital Tool for Successful Contract Writing

In any legal or business contract, clarity and accuracy are paramount. One of the critical aspects of this clarity is ensuring that the subject-verb agreement (SVA) is correctly implemented throughout the document. This is where the SV Agreement Worksheet PDF comes in handy.

What is an SV Agreement Worksheet PDF?

An SV Agreement Worksheet PDF is a document that helps writers ensure that their contract conforms to the rules of SVA. The worksheet provides a guide to help writers identify and fix errors in the agreement by facilitating an organized and structured approach towards writing.

Why is SVA important in a contract?

SVA is important in a contract because it determines the relationship between the subject and the verb. When these two elements are not in agreement, it can create ambiguity, confusion, and make the contract difficult to understand.

For instance, consider the sentence, “The company`s revenue are increasing.” Here, the verb “are” does not agree with the singular subject “company`s revenue.” This mistake can change the meaning of the sentence and affect the interpretation of the contract.

How can the SV Agreement Worksheet PDF help?

The SV Agreement Worksheet PDF can help writers ensure that their contracts have consistent and clear expression of their ideas. The worksheet will guide the writer through the creation of a checklist to identify areas where there might be issues with SVA in the contract.

The worksheet will examine all the sentences in the contract and confirm that all the verbs agree with the subject in both number and tense. By ensuring agreement between the subject and verb, the contract is clear, direct, and easy to interpret.


Writing a clear and accurate legal or business contract requires attention to detail. One of the most critical elements of clarity is ensuring that the subject and verb agreement is correct. By using an SV Agreement Worksheet PDF, writers can create a structured and organized approach to their writing, which will ensure that their contracts are clear, direct, and easy to interpret. With an SV Agreement Worksheet PDF, businesses can ensure their contracts are written correctly and without ambiguity, making any agreement much more successful.